27 March 2015


courtesy of All Day Chic
It's nice to see that eating habits are changing...especially, in the United States.

Much of eating open face sandwiches has just been a novelty up to now. But, with the advent of new full grain, gluten free and other variety breads there has also been a new way of getting the consumer to enjoy these new ones by showing them how easy it is to start of the day Topless as well.

A blog by the name All Day Chic has a wonderful introduction for showing you how to make your first morning meal one full of energy. 

She has her own name for them...though they are still Danish open face sandwiches or as I like to call them...Topless Bread. Either way, she has some nice ideas for changing up the average American breakfast bread into a nice version of a old classic.

21 Creative Breakfast Toasts That are Boosting Your Energy Levels

courtesy of All Day Chic
What she provides are more everyday foods found in the American multi-cultural pantry. 
But, they give you a good idea of how you can improvise on your own with a simply piece of health toast bread to start off your day. 

Personally I'll do a simple soft-boiled egg or if I am in a hurry, I like a good toasted sprouted rye bread with a simple layer of organic whipped honey on it. Call it energy brain food. 

Discover your own way to go...Topless!


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