09 May 2012

Chasing Claus : Flour in the Air...Meyers Bageri to host Tartine Bakery


Bread makers seems to belong to an exclusive baking club 'cum cult' where flour laden secret handshakes fill the air like snowy dust. If you happen to be in Denmark next week and love bread, you are in for a double dough treat.

On Tuesday May15 (5-6pm) Claus will be hosting his friend and renown baker Chad Robertson of San Francisco's Tartine Bakery fame at Meyers Bageri (that's Danish for Meyers Bakery) on Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Chad will be there to talk about his new book, "The Good Bread" which has just been translated into Danish. Be there to hear him talk about his secrets on making his wonderfully rustic bread that has become legendary around the bay area for it's aromatic crust and amazingly air center.

I am sure Claus, Chad and the rest of the baking crew will have a fun time.
Let's just say...i wish i could be there.
Their respective books on baking are available via each other their websites.

Bake on!


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