27 January 2012

16 January 2012

BAKERY/Bageri: Danish Winter Scones

This new recipe is my personal homage to my Danish baking heritage and was featured as an advent post as part of the 24 Days of December. It borrows the wonderful rich flavors of my great-grandmother from Skjold’s crisp ‘brunkager’ recipe and is re-invented as a modern moist ‘julescone’ Christmas scone that is equally delicious on any winter day.

14 January 2012

NEWS: Margrethe II...40 Years later

When I was a little girl in Denmark, I played with our mother's old childhood puzzles. These old puzzles worn by time depicted the royal family.  Being two years older than the queen, our mother seemed to admire her. Even today, I can recall how as a child this simple activity meant to our mother. As we sat there together putting together the old puzzle...somehow we were also re-connecting the pieces to her childhood past. 

This was my first introduction of then future queen and her royal family.

This week marks the 40th anniversary of her reign as 
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

Click here for more information.

Think I'll wear my daisy necklace in her honor this weekend...
and dedicate this post to our mother.


12 January 2012


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Busted blogging...with my topless bread.
Thank you...
Monterey County Weekly!
cover story
Communication Nation
Compiled by Kera Abraham, Mark C. Anderson and Mary Duan
Photos by Nic Coury

"From niche musings on sandwiches to holistic, holy views of Big Sur, here are some top online voices of the Central Coast.

Weblogs (or, in the vernacular, blogs), launched in the ’90s with a small and dedicated band of geeks, and they’ve never really fallen out of fashion. They’re the modern version of water-cooler chat. Hell, they’re modern versions of cave paintings. With a little typing and the click of a “post” button, anyone can do it— but not everyone can do it well. It takes planning and skill to write something personal but with greater meaning, and it takes relentless drive to do it week after week, month after month and for years on end. Here we toast some of the best bloggers of the Central Coast, and ask them why they do it in the first place.

07 January 2012

CHASING CLAUS: Jailhouse Food Rocks!

Only our cousin would figure out another threshold to cross.

This time cousin Claus Meyer, co-founder of the world’s highest ranked restaurant, NOMA has taken his culinary talents toward start a cooking school in one of Copenhagen's prisons. Instruction will be on how the inmates can grow their own produce and prepare meal under the guiding hands and eyes of one of Michelin's top rated chefs.

Since this is a pilot program, it is anticipated to continue at other prisons nationwide.  Mind you...I would still recommend waiting for a table at one of his restaurants before considering a life of crime to find yourself learning from one of today's modern culinary masters.

Learn more about Claus and his Melting Pot Foundation whose mission is to assist marginalized people via food related projects both in Denmark and abroad.

This is just another good reason...to continue chasing my cousin...since I seem to never know where I may quite find him next.

06 January 2012

Introducing Kids to TOPLESS Sandwiches II

courtesy:  The Year in Food

I was asked the other day what my favorite blog post has been…and it made me think about revisiting this one. I think I chose this one primarily because I could relate to it as well having grown up on both shores.

The beginning of the year and food are typically for many parents last thing they thing on their mind. The idea of their children eating properly is not as high on the list as making good grades. Instead of taking your child's nutrition for granted and simply try to get away with some easy pre-packaged lunches (yes, i know it saves time), try to make a difference by teaching them self-responsibility by showing them how to prepare their own nutritious lunches. Mind you...the little ones may need your assistance. Yet, this is the best time to teach by example when they are still in grade school. Take it from me...I have attended many an architecture leadership conference and the number one answer to making the public be more aware and understanding of architecture is teach that you have to start with teach the kids first. They will grab it and grow up more enlightened. This same idea goes for nutrition.

05 January 2012

you do know...

you do know...
that the little mermaid in copenhagen is topless, right?

what a perfect additional reason to call this blog...topless bread!

New for 2012!

Starting this year...there will be a new TOPLESS Sandwich of the Month! Excited about not just introducing traditional open face sandwiches; but, also creating new ones. This is going to be one fun year.


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