31 December 2011


Ønsker alle et godt nytår...wishing everyone a happy new year!


29 December 2011

RECIPE: Holiday Horns to New Year’s Eve

Traditionally, marizpan cakes or kranskager are only made for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries as a whole tiered cake or cornucopia decorated with Danish flags. This picture is from our wedding…you will notice that there are both Danish and Mexican flags on the cake to honor the heritage of the two of us. You can say that karen.kransekage_copywe are quite the ‘mexi-scan’ couple who observe each other’s traditions.
These make great dessert treats for your New Year’s Eve guest…especially, if they have never had the pleasure of enjoying a single bite. Though this recipe is originally intended for making horn-shaped ones, be creative and/or make simple little bites for your friends and family to enjoy.
Just remember to decorate them either with a little zig-zag of icing and/or dip them in dark chocolate. Of course, if you serve these right at midnight…sparklers are a nice touch!

Google the word ‘kransekage’ and look at the images for inspiration…and let your creativity be your guide.

Here is his recipe for making kransekage-nut horns.


Click here for the original Danish Recipe by our cousin Claus Meyer

200g (7oz) Marzipan Raw
Or make your own raw marzipan, pulverize whole almonds and blend in sugar to you have a thick paste using 133g (4.7oz or about a cup) almonds and 66g (1/3c) cane sugar
50g (1/4 c)cane sugar
22 egg whites
For Decoration: chopped nuts (almonds or hazelnuts), icing and/or good quality dark chocolate.

SPECIAL TOOLS: (1) Pastry bag…with (1) large round - #806 or (1) large star tip - #826*
*Remember this is a thick paste …so, choose which one works best for you.

1: Mix raw marzipan (or your mixture) and cane sugar together well in a food processor so you have a homogeneous mass without lumps. Then, add egg whites and mix so that it is "ready to use" i.e.: soft enough to be squeezed through a pastry bag.

2: Add the chopped nuts in a pan and squeeze the mixture into small sausages. (Reference size: large shrimp or the length of your middle finger). Next, place the sausages on a baking sheet with baking parchment with the nuts up. Shape gently like a horn and press them lightly so they are slightly higher and no more triangular than "sausage shaped".

3: Bake at 425F (220C) for approx 8-10 minutes until lightly golden. Place an additional empty baking sheet under each full sheet to avoid burning the bottoms of each horn.

4: Cool on a wire rack before you serve them and/or dip the bottom in a good dark chocolate. You may also add icing using a pastry bag with a piping tip or plastic bag with small tip cut off at the end to swirl it on top.

clip_image001These will keep in freezer for at least one month.

Note: The horns can also be frozen for a few days in freezer bags. Just make sure to squeeze all air from the bags so that they remain moist and soft upon thawing.

Happy New Year / Godt Nytår !

24 December 2011

SPECIAL : 24 Days of TOPLESS December

Discover something new* each day of December…just CLICK on day
to see what Danish tradition you may learn or perhaps, make your own.
*cool christmas links / recipes / decorations / songs / etc.
tp_calendar day jul banner

Remember only new days are revealed per *julekalendar!
I hope you enjoy these as much as I have come to share and cherish them
over the years.
*Danish for ‘Christmas Calendar’.

week four
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tp_calendar day jul 23 DIY/RECIPE: Julegris / Christmas Piggy
tp_calendar day jul 22DIY: Holiday Crackers! …the kind that go POP!
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tp_calendar day jul 18RECIPE: Rødkål / Red Cabbage
week three
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tp_calendar day jul 14DIY: Kræmmerhus / Christmas Cones
tp_calendar day jul 13RECIPE: Vanillekrans / Vanilla Wreaths Cookies
tp_calendar day jul 12RECIPE: It’s Uber-Skuber Time!

tp_calendar day jul 11DIY: Modern Julekrans / Christmas Wreath
week two
tp_calendar day jul 10RECIPE: Julescones / Danish Christmas Scones
tp_calendar day jul 09DIY: Mini-Modern Juletræ / Christmas Tree.
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tp_calendar day jul 07DIY: Smell the Inspiration!
 tp_calendar day jul 06 DIY: Bake an Ornament 
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week one
tp_calendar day jul 03RECIPE: Brunkager / Danish Spice Cookies
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tp_calendar day jul 01Danish Traditions


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