10 November 2011

KØKKEN/KITCHEN TIPS: Just Grate…to ‘Cut the Butter’!

The baking term to ‘cut in’ comes from the fact that you are adding a solid fat (ex: shortening / butter) into dry ingredients (ex: flour) to form small particles. This crucial step is how dough gets its flakiness and/or lightness. By forming these small pellets of coated flour, the formation of gluten is stalled which allows for small pockets air to form and thus, creating lighter layers to form. But, getting there can be easily meddled if the right step is not followed.

Here is a list of various techniques that have evolved for ‘cutting butter’
depending on whether you kick it old school or rely on modern appliances to ease your game:

Old Time Fingertip Technique:
This way always required one to have a very cold light touch in order to avoid melting the fat by our simple body temperature.
Possible butter meltdown, sticky fingers and inconsistent shapes.


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