19 December 2010


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"When I spent Christmas in Ålborg in '76, we had cookies that looked like vaginas-- and were supposed to. What are these called, and do you have a recipe?"

Though I have not made these for years I am CURRENTLY, translating my bedstemor's recipe for all and will post under 'Missa' tab.

17 December 2010

BAKERY / Bageri: Danish Spice Cookies (Brunkager)

Little Danish Holiday Custom: 
If you are in Denmark during the holidays and are offered a traditional Christmas cookie
(Pebernødder / Brunkager), you must accept it.
Otherwise, tradition states...you ruin the spirit of Christmas!

The traditional cookie that every household in Denmark bakes for the holidays is known as 'brun-kager' and literally translates to 'brown cookie' - but, are known also as Danish Spice Cookies.

Every year...a part of me awaits their addicting smell and taste. With their annual arrival, the sweet smell of these traditional holiday cookie bring back the wonderful memories of my Danish childhood. We would know that the holidays were right around the corner when fresh scented aromas of cinnamon and spices would fill the air from our bedstemor's (grandmother) kitchen. She would fill many a huge tin full of these delicious morsels - and both young and old alike would raid these over the coming days before Christmas!

The recipe I present here is a combination of the one she used to make plus a little from that of our great-grandmother from Skjold in Jylland along with a little from our mother and mine. Thus, what you get here is a modern hybrid of multiple generations of cookie making.
One of my favorite parts of this recipe is  like a chemical experiment with wonderful froth bubbling forth from the combination of ingredients. Don’t worry this is normal and exactly, what you want.

Make these for the holidays and serve up with a nice warm cup of gløgg!

05 December 2010

TOPLESS Video of the Month : 12.2010

This month's video is courtesy of Event Klassen from CELF (Center for Erhvervsrettede uddannelser Lolland Falster) which is a center for vocational training for the area of Lolland Falster in Denmark.

LANGUAGE: Danish/Dansk
TITLE: Smørrebrød på den RIGTIGE måde / Smørrebrød the RIGHT Way

Personal Note: Though the language of this video is Danish, this instructional video for students will give both the novice and advanced topless bread maker proper instruction on how to make what is called a 'luksus' or luxury pieces of smørrebrød. 



Nature’s Holiday Antifreeze: Meyer’s Gløgg


Here's a wonderful apple version of an old holiday classic from my cousin Claus Meyer. Once you have tried this one, It's sure to become a part of your Christmas standards!


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