14 October 2010

TOPLESS poll 2: Cheese

what's your favorite DANISH CHEESE?



Please pass the BUTTER / Smør

Nothing says you don’t care about your guests like a plastic tub or yellow brick  sitting placed on the table sadly awaiting the initial stab from a knife.  Drawing a cold bat of butter across a piece of bread and seeing it tear open the doughy soft goodness can easily deflate the anticipation of a nice piece of bread or  meal.

Such creamy goodness should never be taken for granted by any host/hostess.

So, the next time you need to serve your guests butter…try some of these tips and your extra care to presentation will be surely appreciated by all.

To begin, I would recommend purchasing the best butter available. My personal favorite is the  Danish brand Lurpak and I usually get unsalted butter.   A good organic one is also a good sustainable choice.  Lurpak makes an organic one – but, I have yet to find it in my area.

So now that you have your main ingredient handy, it is time to decide on presentation.

Here are a few ways to make this simple spread more creative:


buttercurlerTP_melon baller butter-balls + TP_butter-curl-press

butter curler                                   melon baller                               vintage butter curler press

BUTTER CURLER: Draw curler across chilled stick of butter and place in bowl of ice water to hold form. Drain well when ready to serve.

MELON  BALLER:  Dip melon baller in hot water and scoop away…like you would ice cream. Place finished butter balls into an ice bath or into a frozen metal bowl while you complete this task.  (Note: this replaces the use of two grooved  wooden paddles where the butter is formed between them by moving paddles in circular opposite motions).

MOLD METHOD (not shown):  Place room temperature butter into mold shapes making sure not to leave any air gaps. Place in freezer until firm and remove from  mold.

VINTAGE DECORATIVE BUTTER PRESS:  Chill press  – but, use slightly room temperature butter. Remove bottom part of press from top dye plate. Fill inside of dye 3/4 full with butter. Replace bottom press and turn over onto a flat surface with dye facing up.  With two hands evenly press down on opposite sides of the plate until you butter is forced through the dye shapes.  The butter should curl up into scalloped shapes…like the inside of a flower. Wipe underside clean, if necessary.


1. Cut butter into triangles with a warm blade and arrange on a plate.

2. Roll out butter between wax paper.  Chill  and cut using small cookie cutter shapes.

3. Use fun shaped ice cube molds / place in freezer until firm / remove.

4. Use candy molds /  chill / remove.

5. Use a pastry bag filled with butter slightly warm enough to push butter through using desired pastry tips.

6. Use an old wooden plunger type with added wooden decorative stamp.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR ALL: Unless you plan to serve butter immediately, refrigerate and remove to room temp minimum 15 minutes before serving to allow butter to soften.


butter-curlsTP_butter-balls + butter press

butter curls                                    butter balls                                 butter flower curls

USES:  danish cheese board / dansk ostebord, formal dinner or buffet


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04 October 2010

TOPLESS Video of the Month: 10.2010

Welcome to the 'TOPLESS Video of the Month'....some old / some new / some videos hopefully just from me to you.

This month's video is a short one depicting a sweet little glimpse of a Danish vacation colony kitchen from 1950. 

LANGUAGE: Danish silent home video with text.
TITLE: "Smørrebrød, Feriekolonien Nordstrand ca. 1950"
Vacation colonies have over a hundred year tradition with the Danes. This piece of video history is from Colony North Beach (Feriekolonien Nordstrand) located next to the Kattegat between Rørvig and Nykøbing Zealand.

TRANSLATED VIDEO TEXT: "650 sandwiches must be buttered for the evening meal; in addition to extra ones."



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