08 September 2010

TOPLESS Video of the Month: 09.2010

Welcome to a new feature called 'TOPLESS Video of the Month' that will become a monthly addition to our posts and will enlighten newbies to the wonderful world of Danish smørrebrød (ala open face sandwiches).  Here you go: some old / some new / some videos hopefully just from me to you.

This month's video is an English interview with Danish chef Katrine Klinken.
Video shown in English/Danish.
Episode #42 – MyDenmarkTV.com from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.

Do you like Danish cuisine? If so, this is a must-watch episode of MyDenmarkTV.com. We visited the house of Katrine Klinken, a Danish chef, writer and teacher, to talk about the Danish food particularly smørrebrød, some trends and of course have Katrine make some nice open-faced sandwiches. We eyewitnessed Katrine making 5 yummy and healthy sandwiches.

Enjoy the episode!

07 September 2010


Hi Everyone!

Hope you like the new TOPLESS look.

What you see is a result of a good day of no pain out of days/weeks/etc of many.
It's amazing what can happen after a lengthy time of personal reflection and need for creativity.
Let me know what you think of the LABOR of my DAY...in this revamped blog design - plus, don't be shy about anything else that can be improved of content/formatting/navigation/etc.

Old format


Guess I need to redo everything else now...when I get another pain-free day.

Change is good.
: )

06 September 2010

Danish Style Potato Salad (cold)

Here is a little Danish take on a very American side dish.
Though the flavors of this potato salad are not your typical mayonnaise based variety, once you taste this wonderful new combination of flavors it will surely become part of your side dish repertoire.  This version is set apart from it’s American counterpart in that it is devoid of the usual competing flavors and textures of other chopped vegetables.  It uses small firm potatoes versus large ones as the main ingredient with only the melding of flavors that come from the fresh garden herb ingredients of the sauce to bring out an amazingly fresh and light take on this side dish classic.
If you don’t have crème friache or Greek yogurt available or in the house, you can easily substitute 1/2 and 1/2  or a light whipping crème with sour crème in 16 tbsp: 1tbsp ratios. Ex: 16 tsp (1 cup) crème with 1tsp sour crème…or if available in your area, buy creme mexicana – it’s their version of crème fraiche and taste equally as good.
Here is my version of the perfect potato salad for this last summer day holiday weekend.
I heart this version!

Danish Style Potato Salad (cold)

serves 4
Note: Both potatoes and sauce can be made the night before an event. Just do not mix together until half hour before you serve this dish.
2 c Greek yogurt non-fat
2 c creme fraiche
2 tbsp grated shallots (optional)
2 tsp coarse salt…to taste
freshly ground white pepper…to taste
dijon mustard (optional)
freshly squeezed lemon juice…to taste
1.5 lb  cooked small firm potatoes (new potatoes or creamers…work the best!)
3 tablespoons minced fresh parsley
2 tablespoons freshly snipped chives
1:  Boil potatoes to still a little firm – but, not crunchy.  Save water for stock (if you desire). Carefully remove skins and set aside to cool.
2:  While potatoes are boiling you can make the sauce. Mix wet ingredients together in a bow. Taste salad sauce and adjust as needed. Remember, if you have never made this non-mayonnaise version before you might think it too sour – but, that is ok. Now add the various onions, fresh herbs and other dry ingredients.  Again adjust taste of sauce, if needed. Set aside. Cut the potatoes into bite size piece (if necessary) and turn them into the salad sauce at least ½ hour before serving.
Serve with  grilled meat hamburgers / grilled fish / hotdogs
Bon Appétit!



Kold kartoffelsalat

Tilbehør til 4
2 dl ylette 1,5%
2 dl creme fraiche
2 spsk revet chalotteløg…valgfrit
2 tsk groft salt
friskkværnet hvid peber
dijon sennep til smag
friskpresset citronsaft til smag
750 g små kogte faste kartofler
3 spsk hakket frisk persille
2 spsk klippet frisk purløg
stegt kød / fisk / pølser
Bland ylette og creme fraiche. Smag salatsaucen til med løg og krydderier. Skær kartoflerne i små bider størrelse, og vend dem i salatsaucen mindst ½ time før serveringen.

velbekomme! Karen E Lesney on Foodista


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