19 August 2010


Today, I am introducing a little feature that will be called

When serving these little morsels the host/hostess should snip them into little bundles to allow guests to take a tiny bunch without...having to rip them free from the mother ship. There is nothing worse than a guest trying to take a few and having to tackle the mighty bunch. 
USES:  danish cheese board / dansk ostebord
Karen E Lesney on Foodista

13 August 2010

NEWS / Nyheder: Copenhagen Cooking 2010

Copenhagen cooking man

  Copenhagen cooking logo  Copenhagen cooking woman

For the sixth consecutive year, the Danish Capital of Copenhagen is hosting it’s annual food festival, Copenhagen Cooking 2010.  This ten day city wide event provides gastronomic opportunities for both the large and small appetite and scales…and we don’t just mean the weight that may be gained by enjoying all this wonderful Nordic cuisine!

This yearly sold out event provides one with ten days of amazing flavors to experience.  The organizers and participants are a pretty smart bunch who have developed an amazing array of categories for everyone to enjoy with lectures and food to enjoy:

HEALTH, ECOLOGY AND CLIMATE / Sunhed, Økologi og Klima
EX: New Nordic Every Day Food Workshop
FISH AND SEAFOOD / Fisk og skaldyr
SPECIAL EVENTS / Særarrangermenter
GOURMET EXPERIENCES / Gourmetoplevelser

Ex: Gourmet Hotdog Challenge 2010…this take the Danish Hotdog to a whole new level!
previous post on them
BEVERAGES / Drikkevarer Ex: Snaps Tasting and Food for Snaps

COOKING FOR KIDS / mad i børnehøjde
CASUAL BITES / Et Godt Måltid

Take a full peek at the all the events happening here: http://www.copenhagencooking.dk/?lang=en

Here is an excerpt interview from this year’s program:





Rene Redzepi, noma

Strandgade 93
1401 København, Danmark
3296 3297



What do you think it means to Copenhagen that I now have the world's best restaurant?
Hopefully it can help to attract Foodies and other (people) interested in food to town - and generally helping to put Copenhagen on the gastronomic world map.
What does it take to Copenhagen maintains its position as gastronomic hotspot?
Focus and an understanding and ability to especially, cooperate among the restaurants,
but also with the official Denmark.
What is your ambition for the next five years?
To continue to develop noma.
How was your best food experience?
My wife's 5 course dinner in the winter 2010.  She had been practicing a whole month and
surprised me at home.
What do you allow to inspire you when you are seeking something new?
Usually it’s nature.











Hvad tror du det betyder for København , at I nu er verdens bedste
restaurant ?

Forhåbentlig kan det være med til at tiltrække foodies og andre
madinteresserede til byen – og generelt være med til at sætte København på det
gastronomiske verdenskort.
Hvad skal der til, for at København bevarer sin position som
gastronomisk hotspot ?

Fokus og at vi forstår og formår at samarbejde. Specielt restauranterne imellem,
men også med det officielle Danmark.
Hvad er din ambition for de næste 5 år?
At blive ved med at udvikle noma.
Hvor havde du din bedste mad oplevelse?
Min kones 5 retters menu i vinteren 2010. Hun havde øvet sig en helt måned og
overraskede mig hjemme.
Hvad lader du dig inspirere af, når du samensætter en ny ret?
Oftest naturen.

Whether you have tickets or not for this wonderful event, there will be other restaurants participating to give everyone a possible taste of this annual event.

Tickets may still be available here: www.billetnet.dk

Download a copy of the Copenhagen Cooking Program 2010 here.

Should you happen to run into our cousin Claus Meyer…tell him hello!

12 August 2010

Introducing Kids to TOPLESS Sandwiches

Let this time of the year before school starts up again be the time to get the kids involved in making their own healthy lunches.
Here is a great little diagram from the Danish website: http://www.2gangeomugen.dk (which translates to '2 times a week').  This chart illustrates the five important components of a healthy child's lunch using a child's hand.  The Danish phrase Gi' madpakken en hånd literally means "give the lunchbox a hand".

dk flag
thumb = VEGETABLES…raw greens, salad or as a topping
index = BREAD…euro pumpernickel or whole grain
middle = MAIN TOPPING…meat, cheese or egg
ring = FISH…at least, once a week.
little = FRUIT…fresh and sweet


thumb = VEGETABLES…maybe carrot sticks
index = BREAD…white – maybe whole grain
middle = TOPPING…balogna and cheese
ring = NO FISH…rarely, tuna…no EFAs
little = FRUIT…maybe apple, orange or banana

If we look at the USDA’s MyPyramid for Children, one can see that the new guidelines are close to the Danish model.kidspyramid

LEGEND to MyPyramid
orange = GRAINS
red = FRUITS
yellow = OILS 
blue = MILK
purple = MEAT + BEANS

Thus, finding a healthy compromise for American children to enjoy using the Danish model is an easy goal.

Here are some great links from teamnutrition.usda.gov:
Be a Healthy Role Model for Children
MyPyramid for Kids Worksheet

Plus, the easiest way to educate kids is to get them involved in the making of meal.

Make this first step with teaching them healthy sandwich alternatives like making their own healthy version of ‘topless bread’ sandwiches.

First, there are a few tips from the Danish model to follow:
  1. Avoid any processed foods, if possible.
  2. Always use multigrain bread made from whole wheat flour or equal.
  3. Teach kids healthy amounts to use for real butter or mayonnaise with olive oil. 
  4. Always use some form of greens on the sandwich
  5. Include some organic fresh fruit or veggies as their treat. (ex: carrots, snap peas, strawberries, blueberries, broccoli florets, grape tomatoes, etc.)
  6. Avoid beverages with high corn syrup/fructose/etc.  Teach kids that natural juices are the best...especially, when combined with homemade soda water!And use simple sheets of aluminum foil or parchment paper to separate multiple sandwiches, if necessary.

Now, here are a few American examples that can easily be used to find inspiration in being able to adopt the Danish lunch model:

peanut butter banana 
Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter with Bananas and Honey

peanut butter apples
Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter with Sliced Tart Apples and Dried Cranberries

Turkey Salami with Mayo and Crunchy Onions on top (not shown)
Tuna with Grape Tomatoes (not shown)

cucumber cream cheese 
Cucumber with Herbed Cream Cheese

Tomato and Egg (not shown)

egg salad face 
Egg Salad with Shredded Carrots on Top

Tomato and Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese and Fresh Basic leaves
Low Fat Cheese (try…light havarti) with Sliced Red Bell Pepper (not shown)
Chicken Salad with Grapes and Slivered Almonds
Make up your own healthy alternative…the possibilities are endless.
Remember kids learn from example.

So, join them in making this new healthy and creative way of making their lunches.   All kids want to be cool and have something different that the other kids will envy.  When kids are given a sense of independence and encouragement in creativity…the results can be many for these open face sandwiches. Who knows…perhaps, they may influence their schoolmates in joining this new way of enjoying a healthy American version of their Danish open face sandwich!

Now I am sure this is one thing that will make both you and your child smile. 
: )

02 August 2010

August is National Sandwich Month

Welcome to NATIONAL SANDWICH MONTH (August)...
now there is no excuse not to go TOPLESS!

With picnics in full swing and school just around the corner, what better time than to expand the sandwich repertoire than with some openface sandwiches. Make this sandwich type a healthy staple of your daily menu. Using the healthiest multi-grain bread and the  freshest of ingredients, you can make the TOPLESS art of sandwich making a fun filled family event.  

Here is a sampling of typical open face sandwiches:

TOP: Danish salami with remoulade/fried onions/diced green onions on European style pumpernickel bread
BOTTOM RIGHT: Sliced hard-boiled egg with tomato/diced green onions on European style pumpernickel bread.
BOTTOM LEFT: Sliced boiled new potatoes with mayonnaise/tomato/diced green onions on European style pumpernickel bread.

Join us in learning how to make TOPLESS sandwiches this month a part of your everyday sandwich routine!


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